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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jousting Over Who Quot Ll Accept If Heath Ledger Wins Golden Globe

Heath Ledger

But the studio and the producers who have Michelle rather than receive, on behalf of Matilda - the couple daughter.. Now that Heath Ledger was posthumously nominated for a Golden Globe, there maneuvers behind the scenes of those who accept the award should he win. Kim wants desperately to do so, says a cognoscento us to Heath father.

Heidi Preggers When She Met Seal

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum was pregnant by another man when he first climbed into bed with British R, who made the surprising revelation in a new interview. C was a pause for about 10 seconds and I said, It doesn t change the way I feel about you so that you are here tells me that you think much about me. Klum, 35, and Seal, 45, began dating in 2003 after Klum had just broken with Formula 1 team director Flavio Briatore. Boy, she made a surprise for the singer was pregnant with Flavio baby. Heidi replied: Not with you, stupid. Even crazier, Ward thought the whole thing was funny! Laughed and told me already? Thats amazing! he tells.

A Shot At Love Star Tila Tequila Goes From Reality Tv Star To Author To Mom

Tila Tequila

A Shot In Love Tila Tequila Star, wants to adopt a baby boy! She spoke of the U.S. But then I realize, you know what? I would like to have at least another billion dollars, before taking children so I can focus on them. Magazine at a book signing in the city of New York for his new book, Connecting With Tila Tequila. Come, just move to an island and give them all. He said, sometimes I think, like, you can run away from Hollywood and adopt a child, and do my own thing.

Zac Efron Is So 17 Again

Zac Efron

The film is about a boy whose very life didn t turn out how he wished that he wants and I could go back to school and change it. Zac Efron trying to impress the school bully in one of three new stills from his upcoming comedy, 17 Again.The 21-year-old Hairspray Hunk stars as the younger version of Mike ODonnell. He wakes up one morning and discover his wish came true and get the chance to rewrite his life..

Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Says Her Marriage To Jay Z Is A Power Struggle

Beyonce Knowle

But if I didn t respect to someone, and that didn t have power, then I would be bored, U.S. I wouldnt be attracted to them, he added.. Weekly quoted Beyonce, as the magazine Elle . PopstarBeyonce Knowle admitted that its 8 months of marriage Jay-Z is a power struggle - and let his doesn t get bored.